How To Look Like A Big Shot In Las Vegas

Big ShotOk, this is a rather tongue-in-cheek article since I’m not a big shot, a high roller or a celebrity-look-alike trophy wife. But I am a rabid observer of people and Las Vegas is one of the best places to observe the big shots.

I’m talking the rich of the rich here – the ultra, mega-watt, oil-barren, Gucci dripping rich. So you’re going to Las Vegas and you want to look like a big shot?

Here are 3 ways to look like a big shot in Vegas and have people falling all over themselves to serve you.

#1) Mind the Details

Truly rich people – true big shots – know about the details and can easily spot a fake because most of those people don’t mind the details.

What kind of details? The small things like your nails, your hair, your purse, your shoes, your cufflinks, or your watch.

For example, you can have the designer blouse and tailored tweed pants – but if you’re purse is a Wal-mart special,¬†you’re sunk. Mind the details and even the hardened casino hostesses will be fooled.

Even if you relax on the big stuff – mind the details and people will ‘just know’ you’re one of the big players because the details are right.

#2) Mind Your Movements

Having sat and watched the ultra rich for hours on end, I’ve noticed something that no one else is pointing out – big shots move differently.

If you don’t believe me just grab a seat at the Bellagio or the Venetian in Las Vegas and watch them.

You’ll notice a distinct difference in the way the big shots move. Even if they’re wearing jeans and sneakers, you can still see it.

Big shots move like big shots. A little slower than the rest of us, they’re in no hurry because the world comes to them. They have a calm demeanor that seems to say ‘I can buy this place if I want to’.

The next time you want to look like a big shot, slow down your movements and add a little extra lazy confidence to your gestures – people will be staring at you wondering ‘Who is THAT?’

#3) Mind Your Manners – But Not The Way Mom Told You

Most of us are used to being polite, even timid when it comes to social settings like restaurants, coffee shops, stores, etc. But the big shots can often be – well – bold and outrageously assertive.

They aren’t timid or even polite at times. They go after what they want, with a calm deserving attitude. If they want to sit somewhere and the hostess is heading in the other direction, they stop her and tell her they want to sit ‘over there’. If they want their cafe latte a certain way they very specifically tell the server what they want – and they won’t settle for anything less.

We may see these people and think ‘How rude!’ but the truth is that they get what they want. They send the subliminal message that they will have their way, one way or another.

I’m not telling you to be rude. In fact, true big shots recognize that real class involves being kind – to everyone. But make sure you go after what you want in social settings. Adopt the attitude that you deserve it – and you’ll quickly be recognized as the ultimate big shot. People will be falling all over themselves to accommodate you.

So those are 3 ways to look like a big shot in Las Vegas (or anywhere else for that matter). Of course if these fail you can always just book a suite at the Bellagio, rent a thousand dollar mink coat and hire a white limo with a tuxedoed driver. That works too.

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